1500 Piece Mixed Set – Dark

Pix Brix 1,500 piece mixed boxes are the perfect starter kit for all new Pix Brix builders and pixel artists. Choose from 3 available color series – Dark, Medium, and Light.

Each color series comes with an assorted amount of bricks in the following colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Beige, Brown, and Gray.

The Dark Series comes with 11 assorted dark brick colors and is the only mixed series that comes with Black.

The Light Series comes with 11 assorted light brick colors and is the only mixed series that includes White.

The Medium series comes with 10 assorted medium brick colors and does not include White or Black.

Purchase all 3 mixed series boxes and start pixelating with the full 32 color palette.

The question is…What Will You Pixelate?®


  • PIXELATE EVERYTHING – Pix Brix is a revolutionary pixel art puzzle brick that allows the builder/artist to create 2D and 3D pixel art builds with a patented 1 piece design. This pixel art kit for kids and adults is fun, re-usable and compatible with other brick sets. Awarded Best in STEM

by Newsweek.


  • INFINITE POSSIBILITIES – Because these interlocking puzzle bricks feature a unique patented connecting system, they require NO base plate, water, iron, or glue. Slide and stack to build horizontally, vertically, and diagonally


  • WHAT WILL YOU PIXELATE? – Get inspired by over 1,000 colorful and diverse pixel art templates that are available online and on our app.


  • START PIXELATING TODAY – This mixed set is a perfect starter kit for all pixel and construction toy fans. Easily construct and deconstruct your creations by hand or using the Pix Brix tool.


  • A PERFECT GIFT – This certified STEM/STEAM educational building toy fosters play, creativity and imagination. It makes an ideal gift for any art, puzzle, or pixel enthusiast. Perfect for playdates and as pixel party supplies. Recommended for ages 6+, boys and girls

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