Braille Skateboarding Mystery SK8 Collector Set

The Braille Mystery SK8 Set is the ultimate pack for the biggest Braille Skateboarding fans wanting to customize their own boards. The all-new series 2 version features the collector wheel storage case, 4 finger boards, advanced trucks, construction tool, mini stickers, ramp and grind rail. It features replicas of actual awesome boards from the Skate Everything series on their YouTube Channel. Can you kickflip a kayak? Ollie a mattress? This set is endless epic fun!

  • Based on the #1 skateboarding channel on YouTube, Braille Skateboarding

  • Each pack contains a collector case, 4 finger boards, 4 sets of advanced trucks, 16 wheels, 1 tool, 4 stickers, grind rail, and ramp.

  • Contains the biggest and craziest fingerboards only available in this set

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