Elf Mates Assorted 18PC

Huggable and playable, the Elf Mates are sent from Santa to raise cheer through kindness and good deeds.

Santa Claus has a host of friends who help him each Christmas. This year, along with The Elf on the Shelf® and the Elf Pets®, comes a new set of heroes who must actively inspire kids and not just watch from afar!

Each huggable, lovable mate comes with a poem that explains how they inspire kindness, in the hopes that kids will be inspired, too!

  • The Elf Mates Chef: Cooking up good cheer for all.
  • The Elf Mates Cobbler: Brings the magic of Play.
  • The Elf Mates Toy Maker: Encourages good behavior

The Elf Mates™ prove they are Santa’s truest pals by reminding us all why it is better to give than to receive!

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