Pixicade – Mobile Game Maker 2 QR codes, 800 games each

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker sets a new standard in both entertainment and learning.

Appealing to wide spectrum of interests: kids that love drawing, kids that love video games, kids that like solving puzzles…they all are amazed at seeing their creations come to life! Parents love it because kids actually put down their phones or tablets and pick up markers and paper. Kids love it because they can draw their own games, share them with their friends, and play them on their phone or tablet. Create up to 1600 games on one device or up to 800 games on two devices.

Pixicade extremely is easy to use. Kids get to draw a picture of an idea for a video game using colored markers and real paper. Then, using the Pixicade app available for iOS and android, all that is needed is to snap a pic of the piece of paper! The image is then brought to life as an actual video game that can be played on a phone or tablet! The app only requires a camera and an internet connection. (iOS 8.0 and up, android 6.0 and up)

Pixicade was created by a high school art teacher who saw imagination and creativity in students decreasing.

Included in every boxed kit are 5 washable colored markers, instructions with 2 unique QR codes and 3 guide books that are specifically created to help kids focus on designing. The guidebooks train kids how to create games by teaching them over 50 game designing concepts. These include training on developing mechanics and game design of avatars, movement, hazards, and more. Over 100 game examples and concepts are illustrated for inspiration. Have fun with the 33 activities and 44 drawing pages. See product photographs or video for examples.

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